A note on order processing:

Please keep in mind that there is more that goes into running a shop that just making your order personally. I have had people say to me "Well it shouldn't take X long to make X item(s.)" and they seem to genuinely believe that my time is and should be dedicated to them and only them the moment they place their order.

In reality, I get about 40-50 orders per month, 10-20 of them being "made to order." About half of all my orders contain more than one item. I also have to work on premade products regularly to meet deadlines for releases, otherwise, I wouldn't have any "ready to ship" items in stock and would therefore not be able to pay my bills. I need to organize and/or note stocked products, inventory counts, crafting supplies, and shipping supplies. Making the treat bags surprisingly takes a few hours, but that's usually only once a month. I have to reply to emails, Instagram messages, facebook messages, and twitter messages. I have to keep a steady flow of content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Patreon for marketing purposes, or again I may not be able to sell enough to pay my bills.

I am often doing financial planning to bring new varients and new products to the store for everyone. I need to stay on top of website maintenance and keeping all the information as up to date as I can. Website improvements and improved ordering methods for certain items also fall on my to-do list. Of course, supply runs and searching for suppliers online to keep my supplies stocked is also something I have to do. I plan out releases and release themes in advance, sometimes months ahead. Then there's all the boring paperwork for taxes and legal. (Easily my least favorite part, I'd rather be creating ^-^;) And lastly, I need to take care of myself, my service dog, and help out in the home to the best of my ability because my life can not be 100% shop stuff 24/7. Although it gets pretty close sometimes.

Despite all this, I do make sure your order has my undivided attention during the time I've scheduled myself to work on it. Your order receives the same level of care, focus, and importance as everything else I work on. Each thing I do just receives its own scheduled time in my workload because I can not dedicate 100% of my schedule to any one thing.

I promise, if I only do one thing at a time, I'll be rushing to finish your order so I can get other things done too. If I rush it will NOT receive my focus and care. It is far better to have a schedule to work on everything a little at a time (especially since many require steps and time for curing, drying, ordering materials, etc) and be able to focus on each task wholly when I do them.