Shipping Disclaimers

  • I am not responsible for damages that occur in shipping. I pack everything as securely as I can, taking extra care for fragile items. If you do not trust that USPS can get your package to you safely, especially if the carriers on your route have broken things in the past, I highly recommend adding insurance (found under 'order upgrades' in the menu) or choosing the priority mail option which comes with insurance automatically. 
  • I am not responsible for lost packages. Make sure your address is correct. I am not writing or typing it. I use a label maker that uses EXACTLY what you put in. Ways to prevent lost packages: double-check your address spelling, include a recipient name, if you've moved make sure your saved address is updated, avoid fake names, include your apartment or suite number, and make sure your abbreviations are correct. 
  • I am not responsible for packages that are returned to me. See the lost package prevention above for preventing the inability to deliver. If it comes back to me, you will need to pay shipping to have it reshipped. I don't get shipping refunded if it doesn't deliver and I will not pay out of pocket. If you don't want to pay shipping, the item(s) will be relisted in the shop. 
  • I'm not responsible for stolen packages. That is a matter of mailbox or home security on your end. You can add signature confirmation to your order so that packages aren't left unsecured if you are not home. It can be found under 'order upgrades' in the menu. 
  • I can not help you with 90% of shipping issues. I have no more access to USPS and their systems than you. All I can do is tell you to go to their website and look for the forms to file the complaint you have. (There are lost package report forms, insurance claim forms, etc.)
  • Lastly, I am not USPS. I have 0 influence or control over them, their workers, or international customs. If your package gets delayed anywhere along the way, I can't do anything about it. Not won't, can't. There is no need to be aggressive towards me over something that neither you or I can help. I order things too and these things just happen, especially in international orders.