What payments DO you accept?

(ON-SITE) Currently, the only method of payment accepted directly on my website is debit or credit card.

From the Shopify Payments (Powered by Stripe) information page: "Businesses in the United States can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club debit and credit cards."


1. Amazon Gift Cards

HOW: Email me a screenshot or list of what you want to order off my site and I will give you the total including shipping. Send me (via email) an amazon gift card for that amount. Once I have checked the validity of the gift card, I will create an order for you on my website from the administrator's side. I am able to mark invoices as “paid offline/in-person” and it will create an order complete with an order number and confirmation email for you.

2. Cash (In-Person ONLY)

If you live in or are visiting Tucson, I am happy to schedule a meetup where you can pay in cash. Alternatively, if I am vending somewhere you can come by my booth and purchase something with cash.

3. Third-Party Selling Apps

Apps like Mercari and Poshmark may have a credit system (refer friends and earn credits) which is a great way for person's without money to earn funds to place orders. Many third-party apps also accept PayPal and do not require me to have my own PayPal account to accept the funds. This is the only method in which I can accept PayPal for orders. (Read more here.)