What payments DON'T you accept?

1. PayPal/Venmo

This is not by choice. A couple times a year, PayPal goes on a "Ban Spree" where they ban various accounts permanantly without warning or explanation. They usually take any money in the account. They took $70 from me and was promised to get it back 180 days later. 180 days passed and I got $34 back. If anyone is filing a class action law suit, let me know. I'll join. Venmo is owned by PayPal so I can't use that either.

PayPal has teamed up with Mastercard, a debit card company, to create a PayPal funded debit card. If you have one you are welcome to try it. It has only ever been used on my website once so I am not sure if it will work every time or if it was a fluke.

If PayPal is you're only way to pay, click here to read about third-party apps.

2. Cash, check, or money order through the MAIL

Doing this is extremely unsafe for both parties. People sending me cash could lie about sending it, send counterfeit cash, etc. I could also get in trouble legally as it might be considered "under the table" payment. (A form of payment used to avoid paying taxes.) For you, it could get lost in the mail or stolen or I could lie and say I hadn't received it. (Which I wouldn't, but it is an example of why it's unsafe.) In my professional opinion, if anyone accepts cash (or money orders or checks) through the mail, they may not be trustworthy.

Accepting cash, checks, or money orders in person is a whole different thing. There is no chance of it being lost, no chance of lying about sending/receiving it, it can be documented with a register transaction,  and ID can be used to verify the validity of money orders or checks.

3. Visa Gift Cards & Prepaid Debit Cards

MOST of the time these have been declined by my payment processor. However, a few people have successfully used them and I’ve not been able to figure out how. You are welcome to try but it is not guaranteed to work.